Sunday, January 31, 2016


Objective           :           To ensure that the ingredients of the previous batch have been completely removed and & to lay down the procedure for operation of the machine.

Accountability :            Section Incharge

Responsibility  :            Operator


  1. After filling is complete switch off the mains .Dismantle the filling body and separate the following parts.
a)         Hopper                        b)      Pistons               c)       Valves      d)           Nozzles  etc.
  1. Put the dismantled parts into approx 10 liters of hot process water (70 to 800C) and clean them with the help of scrubber / brush. Discard the used water.
  2. Prepare (10 liters) 0.1 % Teepol solution, put the dismantled parts in the solution and clean them with the help of brush/scrubber. Discard the used water.
  3. Rinse the machine parts twice with process water.
  4. Now rinse them 2 times with purified water IP (wash water sample).
  5. Send the wash water sample to the Q.C.D. for checking of any residual content from previous batch. If wash water analysis result is positive for the presence of any residue repeat the process from step 03.
  6. If result is negative wipe and dry all the parts with lint free cloth and stick the label “Ready for use.”
  7. Re-assemble the system and stick the label “Ready for use.”
  8. Keep the records of cleaning in the log book of the machine.

  1. Set the piston.
  2. Attach the hopper with the piston.
  3. Attach filling pin with the piston.
  4. Attach filling nozzles (2 in no.) with the piston.
  5. Set the required die of the tubes to be filled.
  6. Pour the product to be filled in the hopper.
  7. Maintain the required temperature of the hopper with the help of heater attach with it.
  1. Set the crimping of the tubes with the help of folding set devise.
  2. Switch ON and run the machine and adjust the required weight with the help of weight set devise attach to the piston.
  3. Adjust the batch set to be printed on the tubes with the help of batch print devise.
  4. Adjust the open pins under the die to make filled tubes come out of the die.
Collect the filled tubes in the basket/tray.

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